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How To Extract Data From Multiple Tables at a time.

I have 100 Tables.i need to extract the data from 100 different  tables at once.
and these tables has no join condition,need to extract all columns from tables.
1.Need to Extract from 100 tables from one instance.
2.Need to Load the data into another instance for same tables.
Example:we have 100 tables in Instance A,need to exract these tables data at once and insert into Instance B.
Can Some one  Please Suggest the approach.
Thank You.

Re: How To Extract Data From Multiple Tables at a time.

 Do your 100 tables have same stucture? If not, with Talend Open Studio, you have to create many subjobs for mapping table by table in one job, because each table has different table structure, you have to create different subjob with corresponding schema, for example:
t<DB>Input_1--main--tMySqlOutput_1  (migrate table1)
t<DB>Input_2--main--tMySqlOutput_2 (migrate table2)
...other subjobs for other tables...
In Talend subscription version, you only need to create one subjob for all tables due to the 'dynamic schema' feature.
Here is a KB document about:TalendHelpCenter:How to process changing data structure?
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