How Talend saves Tmap connections

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How Talend saves Tmap connections

I have been copying some of the old talend workspace jobs to my new talend workspace.
All the components are there but the tmap connections seem to be gone.
Like I have a tmap between a xml file and table. They are all there but the connections between them in the Tmap are GONE.
Anyone know how I can edit the "job.item" or "" files so that I can keep the connections or does talend keep the tmap connections of jobs in another folder (I am just editing the process folder)?
I know this might not be the best way but I have tried exporting and it doesn't work especially because I can't even open the old workspace in talend.

NOTE: I have added a screen shot of what I mean. They are both from the same job. One before the "meltdown" and one after. I really need to get those connection, because I have many more that have lost all the tmap links.
Thanks again!!
NOTE2: I am unable to upload the images but here they are <- With connections <- Without connections
Please help!!


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