Help with tContextDump

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Help with tContextDump

I am new to Talend am hoping there is a solution to my problem.
I use tContextLoad to update the context variables in a job at the beginning and at the end of job I update couple of context variables using tJavaRow before using the tContxtDump to output the context variables back into a file. to set the context varibles in tJavaRow I use the following code.
context.Tdate = input_row.Tdate;
context.Name = input_row.Name;
In order to confirm it has changed I have the following code
When I run the code the log shows both context variables changed to the new values. But the output of tContextDump (which is set to execute only after tJavaRow component is ok) still shows the old values.
What am I doing wrong. Thanks in advance for your help.

Re: Help with tContextDump

Even I had the same doubt!!.. why is it, not displaying updated context using contextdump when context variable is updated from tjavarow, 
where as manually entered context shows up when using tContextDump. can any one help on this?
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Re: Help with tContextDump

Hi all,


Same behavior :-(

so tContextDump unusable


Re: Help with tContextDump


Could you give us more information about your current job setting? Screenshots will get more visibility and more help.

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Re: Help with tContextDump

Is there any update on this?



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