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Help With Calling A PL/SQL Stored Procedure In Talend

This may have been asked before, but I can't find a scenario exactly like mine on this forum.
Here is my problem (I'm new to Talend and this might actually be very easy to do):
I have an Oracle table on the designer in a tOracleInput component. I connect it to a tMap component to do some basic data transformation that can be handled by using Talend expressions. The output is then wired to another Oracle table in a tOracleOutput component. Where I run into a problem is that there are a few output columns that need a very specialized piece of business logic to generate. I already have a stored procedure in Oracle that handles it beautifully, accepting 7 input parameters (that would come from columns in the tOracleInput table) and outputting two output values that would be mapped to the table in the tOracleOutput component.
My problem is that I can't figure out how to do this, how to use the tMap for the basic work (which is about 90% of the data) but call the stored procedure to handle the two coulns that require special processing. The job I am putting together now may have to call more than one stored procedure as there are othe output columsn that will also require special business logic.
Any help would be most appreciated...
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Re: Help With Calling A PL/SQL Stored Procedure In Talend

After you do some basic data transformation on the first tMap, you can link it to another tMap and generate several output for different business logic.
About how to call a strored procedure, see
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