[Help]Delete Rows with a specific value

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[Help]Delete Rows with a specific value

good morning..
i'm sorry for my bed english but i'm italian!
i have another problem Smiley Sad
i have a sql database and an excel file both for input. with a t_map i obtain the rows that i want from the file and the db. the problem is after.
with the t_map i have obtainde this like output:
model_id (short number)
descr (string)
now i would keep only the rows with a value=0 and put this in outputexcelfile but i haven't understand what i must do!
in my file i have either the value difference from 0 either values =0;i have tried with replace but is not correct because i don't must replace a value but keep only a value.
either with filter and aggregate i am not able to obtain that i want so please help me!!!
thanks in advance
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Re: [Help]Delete Rows with a specific value

Can you post a picture of your job? It would help to understand what you are trying to do.
Google Translate:
Puoi inviare una foto del tuo lavoro? Aiuterebbe a capire ciò che si sta cercando di fare.
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Re: [Help]Delete Rows with a specific value

Hello chira8,
I am not to sure to understand your question. Is "value" a variable in your input row? Or you mean it is the value of model_id...
From what I understood, what you could do is set the condition value == 0 in your tmap output as shown in this picture.
Hope this helped.
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Re: [Help]Delete Rows with a specific value

ok put value in the map == 0 works Smiley Happy
thanks a lot


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