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Header and trailer validation of csv file

I have .csv file having multiple colmns,i need to do hader and trailer validation on csv file.
first row of csv file consisting name of column ,which should go in header file.and
last row of csv file consist total count of rows(eg.100) in file ,the count shoud goes in trailer file,
so how to do that header and trailer validation.
layout of csv file
col1 | col2 | col 3 | ...|.... } :this row goes to in header.csv file
data1 | data2 | data3 |..........
. :this rows(total 90 rows) goes to in maindata.csv file
90 :this count should goes to trailer.csv file

So will you please suggest that ,how to achive this?

Re: Header and trailer validation of csv file

Please stick to one topic so that we can pay individual attention on your issue.
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