Hbase data load for null

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Hbase data load for null

when we create table via hbase shell,

create 'table_test', 'f1' 

put 'table_test', 'row1','f1:c1', 'value1'
put 'table_test', 'row2', 'f1:c1', 'value2'
put 'table_test', 'row2', 'f1:c2', 'value2'
put 'table_test', 'row2', 'f1:c3', 'r2col3'
put 'table_test', 'row3', 'f1:c2', 'r3col2'
put 'table_test', 'row3', 'f1:c1', 'r3col2'
put 'table_test', 'row4', 'f1:c1', 'r3col2'

we have option to populate certain col. and other col remain unallocate 

refer snap 

but how we can implement this in talend with Hbaseoutput component .Even  for some column we haven't specify value (i.e. null) talend allocate those col as empty string.

We don't want to populate those column which comes as null or blank or " " or empty space

Any help will much appriciate 

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