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Hash Files on talend open studio 2.4.0

Hi all,
I'm a new member on this forum, and a new user of Talend Open Studio.
I'm trying to create a job with hash files
So i have 2 components, a tOracleInput ------> and a tHashOutput
I extract all the data from the table with tOracleInput and load them in a Hash File with tHashOutput (tOracleInput ------> tHashOutput)
in the tHashOutput, i chose to use "persistent to file" and in the "File to persist data" i have "C:/Documents and Settings/sRohban/Desktop/in.hash"
once i run my job, all data are transfered (i can see that via the statistics) but the problem is that there is no file "in.hash" on my desktop at the end of the job
any one have an idea ?
I need to extract the data from the table, load them in a hash file, then use this hash file in another job via a "tHashInput" as a lookup.
thanks for your help