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Handling special characters

Hi Guys,


I need to transform special characters like "á" . Whenever i read these characters and create a output file it shows "" . Please help how these characters can be handled and it should be loaded into the output. I am stuck badly with this .




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Re: Handling special characters


Try using regex:

row1.theStringYouWishToTransform.replaceAll("[^\\w]", "")

Which means, replace any non-word characters (any character outside from [a-zA-Z_0-9]).


If it doesn't matches with your requirements, you can specifiy the characters to replaced bt yourself:


row1.theStringYouWishToTransform.replaceAll("[àâäéèêëîïôöùûü]", "")

Which means, replace these characters (àâäéèêëîïôöùûü) by nothing.

You just have to complete the list of characters you want to remove.



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Re: Handling special characters

Thanks for the reply.

But my requirement is not to replace special character with empty string. It is to load the special characters to output file/table with same size as input file and data should not get trimmed.

In my case, it is populating special characters as empty string but I want to know how Talend handles special characters. 



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Re: Handling special characters

Hi @srkalakonda,


I had encountered a similiar issue. 


make sure your source and target files are with the same encoding.


If you use UTF-8 character encoding this should not occur. 




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Re: Handling special characters



I had a similar issue. 


I was sending a message to a soap endpoint and Köln was converted as K?ln. This issue didn't occur from the studio but only when I scheduled the standalone job as a scheduled task.


This is how I fixed it:


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Re: Handling special characters

Usin utf-8 as encodin gpage will solve the problem and in case of latin characters to be existed u have to override the JVM parameters with utf parameter also.

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Re: Handling special characters



Could you please give details on how did you resolve it. I am still getting mark if I get any ' mark in my excel source