Handling special characters

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Handling special characters



I have a job that copy data from table A to table B but the issues is that some special characters are been modified when I run the job.

My Table A contains data encrypted using mysql function aes_encrypt . 

So I export my two tables and i have found that some special characters are not the same.

I'm using DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1. And after some research I found this solution

Add encoding to projectsettings : %~d0 cd %~dp0 java -Dfile.encoding=utf-8 ${talend.job.jvmargs} -cp ${talend.job.bat.classpath} ${talend.job.class} ${talend.job.bat.addition} %*

but this solution does not work.






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Re: Handling special characters

hey ,

I hope you will get somehelp for this info

A naming conference, including that for the LDAP or the file machine, normally has meta characters. for example, in the LDAP, if one of the following characters seems within the name, then it ought to be preceded by the get away individual, the backslash man or woman (""):
A area or "#" individual going on at the beginning of the string
A space individual going on on the cease of the string
one of the characters ",", "+", """, "", "<", ">" or ";"
when you are specifying a name to one of the Context(inside the API reference documentation) techniques, you not simplest need to pay attention to the special characters and naming conference of the underlying naming gadget. you furthermore may need to be worried about the JNDI composite name syntax, which additionally defines special characters. The combination of the two syntaxes would possibly lead to many ranges of escaping.


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