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Handling Incremental load in Talend

I am using TOS Data integration 5.4.1.
What are the ways that i can handle incremental load in Talend TOS DI 5.4.1.
Is there any unique feature in Talend to handle Incremental load?

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Re: Handling Incremental load in Talend

Hi NN,
Can you check this Also check
Incremental load is more of subjective than thumb rule... Please explain your scenario with possible screenshot and data, this would shed more light on the requirement.
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Re: Handling Incremental load in Talend

There are 2 different approaches:
1. You job will be informed about changes: This can be done with CDC (Changed Data Capture)
2. Your job selected it self the changed data e.g. be selecting the data by an last modified time stamp or similar.
This second scenario should be done by measuring the timestamps within the data stream and start with the latest timestamp (e.g. with a appropriated where clause).
This scenario can be supported e.g. with the component suite tJoibInstanceStart, tJobInstanceEnd and tJobDataRangeScanner from Talend Exchange.