Hadoop Cluster connection to Amazon EMR


Hadoop Cluster connection to Amazon EMR

Has anyone managed to connect successfully to Amazon EMR (apache version 2.4.0) from local open studio for Big Data 5.6.0 install?
I understand you have to create a ssh tunnel config to enable communication to Amazon EMR.
This ssh connection is successfull as the localhost routed can display the name node as below screenshot:

The error occurs when the check services button is clicked.
See below:

The error logs are as below:


Any help here much appreciated.


Re: Hadoop Cluster connection to Amazon EMR

It seems like there is a problem to dispay the EMR error message. But I think I have the solution to your problem.
On amazon 2.4.0, the namenode URI has the port 9000, and the resource manager 9022.
Could you try with the following settings:
Namenode: hdfs://localhost:9000
Resource Manage: localhost:9022
if it does not work, could you try with the full URL (don't use the internal one, use the one starting with ec2-XXX):
Namenode: hdfs://ec2-xxx.amazonaws.com:9000
Resource Manage: ec2-xxx.amazonaws.com:9022