HTTP Status 404 - /org.talend.administrator/

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HTTP Status 404 - /org.talend.administrator/

HTTP Status 404 - /org.talend.administrator/
I am unable to access the url. Can some one help me how to enable the TAC server.
1. I have restarted TAC SERVER
2. Restarted services
3.Restarted tomcat server too. Still throwing errors.
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Re: HTTP Status 404 - /org.talend.administrator/

Show us the full URL please. 
The slash at the end is not necessary.
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Re: HTTP Status 404 - /org.talend.administrator/

I am having the same problem with the following symptoms:

new install of big data 6.1.1 server (linux)
new install of big data 6.1.1 client (windows, mac)
using in-built tomcat on server. Installation option of host is (which means listen on all ports in sysadm speak)
When run from anywhere (including via wget on ssh'ed in session) http://<fully qualified host>:8080/org.talend.repositorymanager/ returns 404
When ssh'ed in, wget returns the expected data.
My guess is that the tomcat config is NOT listening on all interfaces. How to fix if this is the root cause?
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Re: HTTP Status 404 - /org.talend.administrator/

and a trailing / DOES make a difference (but not in this case)! Look up your web server configs on directory mapping to understand the significance of a url that does and does not have a trailing slash when redirecting. Given the problems I am having, I do think this is set up correctly as the presence or absence does not affect the results.
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Re: HTTP Status 404 - /org.talend.administrator/

OH, when you read the configuration info on the server where talend big data is installed, the trailing "/" IS THERE.

Re: HTTP Status 404 - /org.talend.administrator/

Have you already checked document about:TalendHelpCenter:Accessing the Administration Center?
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