HTTP Request Body

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HTTP Request Body

I need to include some XML in the body of a http request. I have looked at the http request component and there doesn't appear to be anywhere to include the body of the request. 
Is there any examples of how to achieve this? I have looked around the Talend site and there doesn't appear to be anything on this.

Re: HTTP Request Body

You may be looking for a tRESTRequest component.
Just a few things to note about this component. 

You will need to define the endpoint you expect the request to be sent to. 
If the request is sent directly to the endpoint defined, the URI pattern is "/"
You can have multiple requests intercepted by this component by defining more URI patterns ex: http://localhost:8088/request_type_1, http://localhost:8088/request_type_2
You will need to define a schema with a column named "body" note that this is case sensitive.