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HEEEEEELP. My whole project broke down



I'm using TOS DI 7.0.1. I have a full project working. A huge integration job. One smartass insisted to develop it in a first version build.


I created a Salesforce metadata connection and created a couple of jobs where I used it. Then I wanted to export the connection parameters as a context group, ... and then all went to hell. The code does not even build anymore. I tried deleting the connection, from the bin as well, ... but everything stays the same. As soon as I drop a new SF component into the job, I get an error message and all connection parameters disappear. Populating them does not work as well. Pressing the Run neither. 

Basically the whole project is dead.

Please advise, ... which logs do you need.

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Re: HEEEEEELP. My whole project broke down

First investigations, that everything gets screwed up as soon as you try to use the context in establishing the connection.


What a stupid bug, ... please fix it ASAP.