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[HBase] Get row key

Hi there!
How can I get the row key in a tJavaRow from the row that outputs a tHBaseInput like the screenshot shows?


Re: [HBase] Get row key

Are you looking for ((String)globalMap.get("row1.Column1")) from tHBaseInput? More information about your job requirement will be preferred.
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Re: [HBase] Get row key

Hi Sabrina
The only purpose of the job is to display HBase row keys as rows are delivered by tHBaseInput_2, assuming it is feasible. As you said, I've tried System.out.println(((String)globalMap.get("row1.myColumn1"))) in tJavaRow_1 but I'm getting nulls as output.
Instead, if I write System.out.println(row1.myColumn1) I can see values displayed, however, it is not the values but the keys what I am interested in. Is is possible to do such thing?
Here are the schema and mapping of tHBaseInput_2:

Thank you in advance