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Guess failure while importing Excel file

I'm trying to create an excel file from one already existing, but at the step 3 on 4 i've got an error message, talend can't guess my file, though the previous step were ok.
I don't understand why I can't preview my file, and I can't recover it with this "Guess failure".
The error message is this one :
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.Error: Problème de compilation non résolu :
La méthode useCRLFRecordDelimiter(boolean) est indéfinie pour le type CsvWriter
at projetlocal.shadowfileinputtodelimitedoutput_0_1.ShadowFileInputToDelimitedOutput.tFileInputExcelProcess(
at projetlocal.shadowfileinputtodelimitedoutput_0_1.ShadowFileInputToDelimitedOutput.runJobInTOS(
at projetlocal.shadowfileinputtodelimitedoutput_0_1.ShadowFileInputToDelimitedOutput.main(
Erreur dans l'aperçu. Des paramètres doivent être modifiés.
: Les erreurs d'aperçu sont généralement dûes à un mauvais encodage.
org.talend.designer.runprocess.shadow.ShadowFilePreview.preview(Unknown Source)
org.talend.repository.ui.utils.ShadowProcessHelper.getCsvArray(Unknown Source)
org.talend.repository.ui.wizards.metadata.connection.files.excel.ExcelFileStep2Form$PreviewProcessor.nonUIProcessInThread(Unknown Source)
org.talend.commons.ui.swt.thread.SWTUIThreadProcessor$ Source)
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Re: Guess failure while importing Excel file

I've got the same problem when I want to create a delimited file, talend can't retrieve the schema.
Why can't I create any file from the referential ?
Thanks for your help !