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Greater than function

Hi All,
I am a newbie for talend. I am having a bit of a situation. I have two timestamp columns in two different tables. I want to insert values in a table when one of the column is greater than the other (both are timestamp column). I cant use tmap component as it says we are not allowed to use DATE datatype for ">" function. We don't have timestamp datatype available in tmap. Please help as it's required on an urgent basis.
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Re: Greater than function

Compare dates in expressions (e.g. tMap) using one of the following:
- date1.after(date2) returns true/false
- date1.before(date2) returns true/false
- date1.compareTo(date2) returns 0 if equal, <0 if date1 is before date2, >0 if date1 after date2