Git versioning - How to rollback

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Git versioning - How to rollback


Despite the tutorials, I don't fully understand how it works GIT on Talend.


Today, we are 4 developpers on the same project (but not same job). Here's how I see the use of Git in our case:

1 / Create a local branch of the master
2 / Make the developments on this branch
3 / Click on "Pull And Merge Branch" to recover the last MAJ of the master
4 / Click on "Push" to send the modifications on master (Remote)


My question is therefore: If I realize that the master is corrupt, how can I rollback?

Do I need to create (before to send my modification on master) a branch to save the master and then "Pull And Merge" on master?


Thank you.


Re: Git versioning - How to rollback


Are you referring to this document about:TalendHelpCenter:Working with project branches and tags?

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