Git and SSH keys

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Git and SSH keys



We have the following git set up NOT using SSH keys.

Our TAC runs on linux..


1) The Main Configuration Page in TAC

  • root github url and a "talend" generic git username and password. Maybe this is superseded by project settings below. 

2) The Git Config in each TAC Project

  • Each project is a different Git repository url with the same "talend" generic git username and password as used above. This is set used the "Advanced settings" checkbox.

3) User Config in TAC 

  • Each user has their own git username and password added here. This is NOT the  "talend" generic git username and password as used above.


I would like to swap to using SSH keys for users.


I've read many docs but am still confused on how I would undertake this with the desire to keep different git repositories for each project.


The docs generally say that you need to create a public key for a user, add it to Github and then swap the git repo url in the TAC project config to the "git@......" format.


I am unsure:


1) Do I create one public key on the TAC server under the user running the TAC and should this user also be the "talend" generic git user as above? Do these users need to match for the TAC to see the public key?



2) If I remove the passwords from the User settings in the TAC, how will the studio/TAC use the user's public key set up on their machine/git?


Hope someone can help






Re: Git and SSH keys


Are you looking for guidance how to best configure git credentials (ssh or user/pwd) in TAC and in Studio? Or are you rather trying to report a specific bug that is not working in your environment?

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Re: Git and SSH keys


It was a question about how to specifically configure git ssh keys.....

We got a reply from Talend through another route that I've included below as it might help others:


The SSH key needs to be generated on the TAC machine for the user running TAC. It can then be tied to ANY git user as long as that is going to be the user that accesses the repository. As long as the key is tied to the user on the git side, it will allow access.

To tie the GIT key to your GIT repository and to your GIT user at GIT side:
1. You must copy the key (which is generated in TAC machine in TAC user) in GIT repository and GIT user profiles. I am adding two snapshots as example from bitbucket. 

2. Once you add that in GIT side, your users should be able to connect to GIT without the password. You can decide to keep or remove the passwords in the password fields however, it doesn't matter as SSH key now act as password. 

You wrote that you have different git users at git side and their profiles are set in TAC. So for those users you will have to repeat adding the key at git side and for all projects. However, only one key is needed at tac side in TAC user.