Getting an error while opening Talend Studio

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Getting an error while opening Talend Studio


  I had been working in Talend Studio till yesterday and today while opening I get this error "An error has occurred. See the log file null." I am not sure which log file to see. And what would be the reason for this.

Recently due to space issue in my laptop I have removed unnecessary file (nothing from talend folder though) and that is all that I had done.

Can someone please guide me to where I could look into for the issue.





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Re: Getting an error while opening Talend Studio

@BN,you can find the log file in below location.since i am using i have installed in Downloads folder. can you re-start your machine and try?



Manohar B

Re: Getting an error while opening Talend Studio

Hi Soma,


     I would suggest a clean installation will be the most easy option as we do not know the list of files which got removed during the clean up process.


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Nikhil Thampi

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Nikhil Thampi
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