Getting 2 recent files from FTP & difference on output

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Getting 2 recent files from FTP & difference on output

Hello everyone,


I'm having some troubles finding a solution to my problem. Here it is : 


I have access to an FTP server where i want to get the 2 newer files (XML), compares them & only get the difference as an CSV output.
Some more details :

My files on my FTP always looks: TEXT_yyyyMMdd_hhmm   , like that :


So here i would like to only extract the   TEXT_20180408_0950.xml   &    TEXT_20180409_0950.xml. If the files looks like that :


TEXT_20180408_0950.xml                                                             TEXT_20180409_0950.xml


<store>001</store>                                                                                      <store>001</store>
<ID>1</ID>                                                                                                   <ID>1</ID>
<qty>20<qty>                                                                                                  <qty>18<qty>
<price>3</price>                                                                                           <price>3</price>
<country>1</country>                                                                                   <country>1</country>

I want my output to be just : 


But if the lines are exactly the same, I want nothing in my output, and if in the 08/04 files there is a line which is not anymore in the 09/04 files,I want the line with 0 as quantity.

I'm currently blocked at only get the 2 newer files, i used a tFileList with a tFileInputXML with : " (String)globalMap.get("tFileList_1_CURRENT_FILEPATH") " as FILENAME but I dont see how get the second one. If someone have some idea how I could do all this stuff.

Sorry for the long post, I tried to be as much specific as I can.

Really appreciate your time & help, 

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