Get the count of records Upserted In tPostgresqlRow

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    Can any body help me out to get the count of records inserted or updated by the DML's written inside tPostgresqlRow component.
Like in tOracleRow we have an option to get the count out from the componet to use by talend variables.
Like that how can i do that thing in tPostgersqlRow.
If it's possible by changing code behind or by any procedure please guide me....
Exact Scenrio:
Insert into abc(a,b,c,d,e)
select * from d;
I want to know if i am executing this query in tPostgresqlRow how many records inserted to the target.
Like in tPostgresqlOutPut there are talend variables like _inserted,updated to furnish this operation.

Re: Get the count of records Upserted In tPostgresqlRow

There is no NB_LINE Global Variables in tPostgresqlRow.
In talend, tflowmeter and tflowmetercatcher components are used to log the flow of the process.
There is one column called "count" on the schema of tFlowMeterCatcher which counts the no. of records pass by the specify flow.
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