Get status of command-line job? (TOS)

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Get status of command-line job? (TOS)

What is the best way to get the status of a loading process that has been exported to a command-line job? I would like to get the current row # (or number of rows read) from components, and feed this into an external monitoring software like Jenkins so we can estimate how much longer the job will run.


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Re: Get status of command-line job? (TOS)

there is no build method to monitor this status


you could monitor the number of rows when component finish work, but not during runtime (for use these values use tFlowMeter or enable collect statistic for the whole job)


it is possible to manual collect this information for each row, but I think it is a bad idea especial if send this information to 3rd party tools by api

in this case expenses could be very heavy and total runtime will be increased dramatically 


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