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Get list of job on a project using script

Is there a way to get the list of job names available on a given Talend Enterprise Project using script (SQL for example) ?
We need it to make report and activity tracking.
Can someone help please ?
Thanks in advance
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Re: Get list of job on a project using script

The commandline has a listJob command that may be what you want.  I have used the command line but not to list jobs. 
Here is a link to a tutorial to run a job from the command line that will help you get started using the command line if you are not familiar.
I would guess you would logon to the project and then list the jobs.  here is non-tested commandline script code
initRemote http://${talendhost}:8080/org.talend.administrator -ul -up admin
logonProject -pn ${project_name}