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Get error signal from the component without Die On Error

I made a job that obtains a list of URLs and fetches html pages with tHttpRequest component one by one. If there are some errors like URL being unreachable or request timeout I'd like to write them into a log file without stopping the job. 
I tried to use tLogCatcher/tWarn/tDie combination (tLogCatcher writing everyting into a log file) as well as unchecking "Die on Error" checkbox in tHttpRequest. But when I try to feed tHttpRequest some fake URLs it writes red "404" in the console and still triggers OnComponentOk arrow which activates tWarn component that passes "Ok" message to tLogCatcher, so the log file will always say there weren't any errors. 
The only way to trigger OnComponentError arrow which would allow to write "Error" message into the log file seems to be checking "Die on Error" option in tHttpRequest but that doesn't suit me because I want the list of URLs to be processed to the end no matter what errors were encountered in the middle of it.
So, the question is, how can I catch errors in tHttpRequest and pass them to log file somehow without allowing the job to crash on error?

Re: Get error signal from the component without Die On Error

Could you please post your current job design screenshots on forum which will be helpful for us to address your issue?
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Re: Get error signal from the component without Die On Error

I can only show fragment of my job but here it is.

The properties of LoadContentPage:

I don't want LoadContentPage to die on error but I still have to write messages into a log file if anything goes wrong. How can I notify tLogCatcher that LoadContentPage couldn't load some pages?
Can I suppress exceptions in ParseContentPage and notify tLogCatcher somehow that there were some errors as well?