Get data about the (sub-)job within a custom component

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Get data about the (sub-)job within a custom component


I would like to create a custom component that captures data about a (sub-)jobs execution. To implement the idea in my head I basically need information from the UI as well as logs (like the ones that are captured by tStatCatcher). The latter one seems easy to do using the globalMap, it is the first challenge that I cannot figure out so far. Basically, I would like to access the "jobname_jobversion.item" XML-File within my custom component Java-code, so I can get access to data like "component X has parameters Y and is connected to component Z ...".

Does anyone have a suggestion where to start? I tried to reverse engineer the "HTMLDocGenerator" a little bit, but this did not seem to be a proper way to follow from within a component in TOS. Any tips are appreciated!




Re: Get data about the (sub-)job within a custom component


Here is online document about:TalendHelpCenter:How to create a custom component.

Hope it will be helpful.

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Re: Get data about the (sub-)job within a custom component

Hello Sabrina,

I worked my way through this documentation as well as the linked tutorial of "" (which is a little outdated, but still explains a lot of detail).

I am able to access things like the parameters of the custom component itself, but I would like to go further and access the parameters of all components in one (sub-)job as well as the way they are interconnected. I hope there is something in the talend APIs (or similar) to accomplish that.



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