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Get a list of Objects coming from a tMap

I have a job with a lot of data coming from 6 different files, i have several rules applied to this files so I can build the final output list to my database;


The last step of this process is hard. I need to get set a new Field that depends on a list of other fields.


My data is coming from a tMap and i need something like:


List<Material> list = the rows on tMap that have this "Material" key. Like a distinct clause on SQL.


Then, after doing the logic to create this new Field, i need to return all the values as a tMap;


Here is an example of it in pseudo-code


Class Material {
string key;
string value;
string status;

List<Material> list = tMap;
for each (key : list.distinct(Keys)){
 value > 0 ? status = true : status = false;

return list.toTMap();

Re: Get a list of Objects coming from a tMap


Could you please elaborate your case with an example with input and expected output values?

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Re: Get a list of Objects coming from a tMap

I have a tMap that maps my Material with several columns, we have a code, a price and a name, i.e.

Code = 1 ; Price = 10; Name = Plastic Fork;
Code = 1 ; Price = 15; Name = Steel Fork;
Code = 1 ; Price = 20; Name = Italian Fork;
Code = 2 ; Price = 7; Name = Steel Knife;

Code = 2 ; Price = 10; Name = Ceramic Knife;


I want to return a list, grouping this materials by code;

List<Material> list = (Code =1, [Plastic Fork, Steel Fork, Italian Fork] ; Code=2, [Steel Knife, Ceramic Knife])


And then i want to consume this list on another tMap;


I've managed to create the grouped list using tJavaFlex. First i've created a class containing the information a i needed, the created a list of this class, looped through the tMap using the loop code to set my new Object and to add it to my list;


Then on the finish code, i've used lambda expressions to group it in a map of <MaterialCode, List<Material>> and print it, just to test it.


I want to consume this final Map in a tMap, is there any way?

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Re: Get a list of Objects coming from a tMap

In the picture, stuff is my List of Teste, output is my tMap output