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German characters

There is a column in a DB table which has a German name. When I use the tOracleInput component & click on the 'Guess Schema' button then the special characters in the German name is replaced by '_'. I have tried using UTF-8 & UTF-16 encoding schemes however no luck. Can somebody plz help

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Re: German characters


Encoding is for content data, not for field names which must be compliant with Java namming rules.

If you have a column name in the db which is not compliant with these rules, you can assign a specific name for the schema in the tOracleInput.

If you prefer you can also use SQL aliases in your query to change the column names if necessary:

select yourDbColumnName as yourSchemaFieldName from yourTable

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Re: German characters

I have already tried doing it. However, it is still the same problem. This is the german column name 'Ähnlichkeitssuche' which is rendered as '_hnlichkeitssuche' by Talend.