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GeoCoding Deature

I am playing with the geocoding feature.
After I view the component FindPostalCode and FindPlaceName
it seems to require Lat, Long and generate the Postal Address.
(Reverse Geocoding)
I am wondering if we can find the lat and long from postal address (Either Postal Code).
I viewed a webinor Geocoding detecting Lat and Long with Census Data with 5 digit postal code.
But only using 5 digit postal code results in the accuracy problem, I guess.
I am just wondering if there is a way we can get x,y info from the postal address (I mean the Clean Postal Address
with clearly defined fields like city, postal code, address 1-3 etc)
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Re: GeoCoding Deature

Hello, you could probably have a look to (I never tested it)
even if I think it's probably not compatible with the terms of service
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Re: GeoCoding Deature

Hi Fxp
Thank you.
I am taking look at that.
It seems to use the google web service which expose 2500 Limits per day.
But it is great for us to use it in the Talend Job Flow
Thank you