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Generating xmi:id's, id's and so on....

I'm looking forward to building XML-items which are readable by TOS. In specific, I want to generate files like *.item, *.properties (e.g. for jobs, connections,...) and talend.project without Talend. Talend should then be able to import my files over "import objects".
But I've got a huge problem: There are certain id's in use and I have no idea how to generate them.
One example is "" where we find the following element:
<TalendPropertiesSmiley Tongueroperty xmi:id="_PNYboDHEEd-1htJE3CghmA" id="_-1lRECifEd-czPhqhjMGgw" label="DB_label" purpose="DB_purpose" description="DB_description" creationDate="2010-03-05T22:42:22.625+0100" modificationDate="2010-03-17T13:54:25.366+0100" version="0.1" statusCode="DEV" item="_PNYbojHEEd-1htJE3CghmA">
Even this element contains three of those tags:
Anybody has an idea how those values can be validly generated?
Thanks in advance,
C. Wegner

Re: Generating xmi:id's, id's and so on....

Hello CW-hpi,
Have you got any solution on this?  I am also getting same issue on this.
I am also trying to generate files like *.item, *.propertiees,without using Talend.
Are you able to find out those value's information.
Its very urgent Please let me know as soon as possible.
Ashwini Shinde