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FireBase (NoSQL) -> AWS Redshift incremental loading

No problems - all accessible over tRESTClient and work, 
just interesting who use Talend for integrate 2 of this databases and which strategies?
- full dump with parsing duplicates/new/deleted on intermediate step 
- filters over indexes (same as 1st just smaller) - but not all databases include necessary keys.
- real time message queue flows
Best regards, Vlad
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Re: FireBase (NoSQL) -> AWS Redshift incremental loading

can you please some more details? All the use cases that you have mentioned may have different implementation strategies, depending upon what is the transformation required, what is the volume of data etc. if you can share more details, some solution specific to your scenario may be suggested.
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Re: FireBase (NoSQL) -> AWS Redshift incremental loading

This question not about Talend, but more about save historic data from FireBase which positioned as "RealTime database"
I right now thinking about strategies, and because it "little" different from all other and SQL and NoSQL it interesting who and how work with it. (of course on a big sizes)
With small database - it not a problem at all, as well and no problem any of strategies, it more statistical question - who (if anybody there) and what choose?