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Filtering an Input File Delimited against Column Names

Hello everyone,


I'm a new user of TOS and I want to transorm Excel Automations (VBA) in Talend.

I've following needs :


-  An input file to treat (CSV format with 200 columns)

- An input Schema, which is Fixed (200 columns)

- An input file with some Column Names to keep
- Other columns (with column names not matchnig) are deleted

- Export CSV et XLSX format (just "save as" operation) 


This is quite simple (in VBA) and I thing it should be quite simple in TALEND. But I'm facing difficulties, since schemas are "fixed".

Which component may be useful to perform these tasks ?


Maybe I don't use the right TALEND solution. For example, I'm very surprised that we can not simply convert a CSV file to XLS file, without defining a schema.


Thx very much.


Best regards.

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Re: Filtering an Input File Delimited against Column Names

You can easily save CSV to XLS by dropping in a XLS file output component. Drop a tamp between the CSV and the XLS and then map the columns you want to be saved to the Excel file  

Fileinput (CSV) > Tmap > XLS output


Not sure on the other such as a column input file need more information on what you are trying to achieve there before we can provide any insight for you.