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Talend Open Studio
Talend Enterprise Data Integration 
Version: 5.5.1

I am using the tFTPConnection component.  I checked "FTPS Support".  I get the following error message when running job in Administration Center.  It says no such file, but does not say which file is missing.  How do I know what file is missing?
---  (No such file or directory)
    at Method)
    at talend_v55.bankers_toolbox_0_1.bankers_toolbox$1MyTrust_tFTPConnection_1.getTrustManagers(
    at talend_v55.bankers_toolbox_0_1.bankers_toolbox$1MyTrust_tFTPConnection_1.access$0(
    at talend_v55.bankers_toolbox_0_1.bankers_toolbox.tFTPConnection_1Process(
    at talend_v55.bankers_toolbox_0_1.bankers_toolbox.runJobInTOS(
    at talend_v55.bankers_toolbox_0_1.bankers_toolbox.main(

Re: FileNotFoundException

Hi davidjhp,
What's your whole job design? Did you want to get all files on FTP server?
Best regards
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