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FileList to process different files

Hey all,
I have a quick question,
Will the tFileList work for different files having different schema(different number and type of fields). I dont think this is possible as we give the schema at the beginning ).
Waiting for the ans/reply.
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Re: FileList to process different files

Well, tFileList just list the files in folder, or subfolders. If there are files with different schemes in directory you schould be able to detect it. The easies way is to put some suffix or prefix to name of file when generated and then use If Then component in Talend to route each type of file to the right tFileInput component.
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Re: FileList to process different files

archenroot thanx for reply,
Okay, I'll take the files from a tFileList direct them to different file input components. But I have a tMap after file input component and that can be used for processing all (2 types in my case) types of incoming files. The problem is i cannot connect multiple file input components to single tmap as it forms a closed loop as shown below. So how to solve this???
-> tfileInputPositional1
tFileList -> tMap
-> tfileInputPositional2