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File Excel - Preview Fails With Permission Denied.



I recently upgraded (installed side by side in different directories) from Talend Open Studio For Big Data 6.2 to 7. I am running the Linux 64 bit edition. The problem I am getting is that I can't create File Excel metadata objects for one installation (I have 3 separate installations for 3 separate users). For one user I always get a permission denied error. I have checked the file system permissions and they seem fine. I did make a mistake of selecting the wrong jar file (jxl.jar instead of jxl-wizard.jar) for the first time when trying to open the XLSX file for the user that doesn't work. I thought I had fixed this by doing Window > Show View... > Modules > and then reinstalling the correct file.  This didn't work so I even deleted the entire installation and started again by reimporting the version 6.2 workspace into 7. I was asked to reinstall the jars and I made sure I selected the right ones but the error remains. The interesting thing is when I try with the other 2 different users it works fine. I didn't make the mistake of selecting the wrong jar on those users. Comparing installed jar files I believe that the correct jars are installed. I can't seem to work this our and searching the web hasn't really helped.


Here are some screen shots to help with context.










Trying On A Different User (Not talenduser who owns the file)




Note: the other 2 user's modules look the same as the above screenshot.


So my questions are:

  • Is the way I am trying to confirm that the modules are installed correctly the correct way to do this?
  • How can I uninstall modules and reinstall them?
  • Is there anything else that I am missing?


Thanks in advance for your time and help. I can provide other information if necessary.



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Re: File Excel - Preview Fails With Permission Denied.

Very strange!
Run a sh command and see if there are jar-files 'left' ?
Could it be your java environment ? do you point to your sdk (same as workstations)? JAVA_HOME
Is the login of unix ( .profile ) the same?
In talend, preferences are the same as other users?
Are you able to read a csv file from the same dir?
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Re: File Excel - Preview Fails With Permission Denied.

Thanks for the reply and your time so far. It is very strange indeed, it is probably just something simple that I am missing. Here are my answers to your questions.


  • Where should I be looking for the jar files?
  • The JRE/JDK (Java 1.8) for Profile 1 and 2 is the same, Profile 3 is the same version but on another server.
  • From my understanding the profiles are working like this:
    • Profile 1 is me on the dev/test server. I use this to do dev builds. I can then sudo into: <- My user is working
      • Profile 2 is talenduser on the dev/test server, it is used for test environment. <- This user isn't working
      • Profile 3 is talenduser on prod server. <- This user is working but on a different server
  • As far as I know all the settings are the same internally as I haven't changed anything after installing Talend 7, the only differences between Profile 1/2 and 3 is things like the database connection settings (i.e. other Metadata objects) and the server the data is on.
    • Does the workspace store program settings? If so then the settings might be different.
  • Profile 1 and 2 are reading from the same location (Profile 2 home directory)
    • Profile 1 can read it (the successful screenshot above)
    • Profile 2 can't read it (the error screenshot above)
      • This profile owns all the files and can access them fine in the file system and other programs. This is why I think it is a Talend issue but I can't pin it down yet.