Fetching tomorrow date's data (addDate function) from DB

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Fetching tomorrow date's data (addDate function) from DB

Dear guys ,
I have three tables with relations. table1 , table2 and table3
Table1 fields :
t1_userid       ( Foreign key of t3_userid )
t1_appid        ( Foreign key of t2_appid )
Table2 fields:
t2_appid (Primary Key)
Table3 fields:
t3_userid (Primary Key)
Now i want to fetch tomorrow date (t1_date) data's
So i designed job like this

tjava component (add_date)
String d=TalendDate.getDate("YYYY-MM-DD");
String ad=TalendDate.addDate(d,"yyyy-MM-dd",+1,"dd");
Tomorrow's date i will get from tjava component (add_date)
I want to construct a output with t1_appname , t3.username and t1_date (tomorrow's date) fields
Help me to do this
Thanks & Regards,
Vinoth Kumar K

Re: Fetching tomorrow date's data (addDate function) from DB

Hi Vinoth,
I would suggest you to make use of global map. 
Get current date - > add a day -> put the new date in global map  and then get that value where ever you need it.
Date date = TalendDate.getCurrentDate();
Date toDate = TalendDate.addDate(date, 1,"dd");
globalMap.put("toDate", toDate);
Or if you want date as string.
String date = TalendDate.getDate("yyyy-MM-dd");
String toDate = TalendDate.addDate(date, "yyyy-MM-dd", 1, "dd");
globalMap.put("toDate", toDate);

Now in the expression field for t1_date put this 

You can use date as it is if column type is Date, you can specify the date format there.