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Faster loading of bulky table

Hi All,
I am using Enterprise version for developing ETL jobs to load data from MSSQL Server (source) to MySQL-InnoDB engine (Destination).
However, a table which has multiple text columns (VARCHAR (900), Text, etc) and over 50 million records, takes almost 48 hours to load in MySQL.
I am using simple tMSSQLInput and tMySQLOutput tasks to load data. I have increased the commit size and also enabled the Extend insert where No. Of Rows per insert has also been increased. Also allocated 20GB memory in JVM arguments. Still I am observing the same execution time.
What else could be done to tune this job so that it loads data as fast as possible ?
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Re: Faster loading of bulky table

Have you checked ELT components for faster data load?
Have you used the bulkload option for faster data load.?
You can also try to bulk load to and from csv file.