FastExport junk characters

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FastExport junk characters

I have a Query in the Talend tFastExport component.
The output file generated by this component using the direct SQL has some junk characters at the starting of each row of record.
Also the output file generated by using delimiters & not direct SQL has N number of tabs at the end of each line.
So if we directly want to take ether of the o/p file, & feed directly to the target table using tFastLoadUtility or tTPT component then it fails saying the data is of length more than specified.
Does that mean we need to process the o/p file from tFastExport before loading the table, so as to remove the junk characters or extra tabs?
Lot of downstream applications need to process my output files so please let me know how I can avoid junk characters.
I tried to see whether FastExport have the option to add additional JDBC parameters but i couldn't find. Some cases if add additional JDBC parameters "useUnicode=true;characterEncoding=utf8" junk characters will be gone.


Re: FastExport junk characters

I have a Query in the Talend tFastExport component.

Would you mind giving me more info about tFastexport component? I have not found it in the latest vesion of Talend Enterprise Studio. Is it a custom component? But i don't found it on Exchange yet. Your response will be appreciated.
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