Failed to generate code error in TOS

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Failed to generate code error in TOS

I have a simple replication job that pulls down 4 tables from Salesforce, using a tSalesforceInput component for each process, and stages the data in Microsoft SQL Server database. The process works on 3 of the tables, but on the 4th table, I always get the below error.


I know it works on the other 3 tables because when I deactivate the 4th table, the job runs with no issue. When I deactivate the 3 that work and activate only the 4th one, then I get the error.


I've read several other posts on the topic, but haven't found anything that resolves my issue. Maybe I'm not looking in the right place.


My "suspicion" is that since the 4th table contains over 800 columns, something in Talend (compiler or whatever) doesn't have the resources necessary to do what it needs to. Perhaps not enough resources to put together all of that XML? I just don't know what that something is or how to fix it.


The general error is "failed to generate code." The rest of the error message is in the attached notepad file.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Failed to generate code error in TOS

did you go and checked  code tab in the studio, if you are able to see the code, then we can figure out what is the error





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Re: Failed to generate code error in TOS

Thanks for your reply.


FYI - I'm not that saavy with Talend (yet).


I clicked on the code tab in the designer and ran the job again. I get the error but no code shows up in the display.


Do I need to change something to get the code to show up?

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Re: Failed to generate code error in TOS

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Re: Failed to generate code error in TOS

1)Create one new workspace

2)Do not delete the old workspace

3)import everything in the new workspace

4)Then you will get your particular job as well in the new workspace

5)then verify it



if you have any old versions for the job, then change into old versions and see

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Re: Failed to generate code error in TOS

Thanks for assistance, but I was able to figure it out. I believe my suspicion that the table with all the columns was causing the issue turned out to be true.


I created a tSalesforceInput component from the Salesforce connection, changed the schema to built-in and then clicked "Edit Schema." I was able to remove half of the columns from the schema. I did the same thing with another tSalesforceInput component, keeping the other half of the columns. I kept the PK in both components.


I then created two tables in the SQL Server Database, kind of like a partition of sorts. Each input component populates its corresponding staging table. I created a view to join the two tables together when selecting data.


I could have created one database table and did the join in the tMap, but I opted for this route.


Problem solved. Can I kudo myself? :-)


Thanks again!


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