FTP xml file to a remote directory

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FTP xml file to a remote directory

This is my first post on Talend forum. I think I am posting on the right forum, this is about Talend ETL for data integration.
I have a simple job that reads from a table from Oracle db and outputs each record as compact XML files on my local machine(where I am running Talend ETL also). I am using 3 components to acheive this: tOracleInput, tLogRow, tAdvancedFileOutputXML

I am using tLogRow to convert each record coming from tOracleInput into a vertical list before I pass it to the tAdvancedFileOutput where the built in xml tree is applied over the data to output each list in required xml format. 
Now, I want to FTP the generated tXML to a remote director on a Linux server. I see there are some ftp related components to use in Talend, but my problem with the  tAdvancedXMLoutput requires me to output the xml, I don't want it to output the file yet instead pass the generated tXML to the ftp step. How do I acheive this? 

Re: FTP xml file to a remote directory

tAdvancedFileOutputXML component is used to  write an XML file with separated data values according to an XML tree structure. You have to output xml into local directory.
Your work flow should be:tOracleInput-->tAdvancedFileOutputXML-->tFtpput(copy selected files from a defined local directory to a destination remote FTP directory).
Feel free to let us know if it doesn't work for you.
Best regards
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