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FTP transfert


TAC 6.2


I've got a question about ftp transfer.

I'm trying to get files with folders from a windows server to another windows server througth Talend Unix server.

The Get part works fine and all files with folders are in the Talend server.

My problem is in the put part.

When i put those files, i'm loosing the folders or i think it tries to copy the file with the tree Talend server.

First tree server is ./Folder1/file

Talend is ./home/user/Folder1/file

Second tree server is ./Folder1/file


My job:


tFtpConnection1 ==> tFTPGet



tFtpConnection2 ==> tFileList ==> tFTPPut


The tFileList get all files and folders.

In the tFTPPut, the files are ((String)globalMap.get("tFileList_1_CURRENT_FILE"))

It doesn't work.

Wher do i miss something ?

Do i have to zip all files/folders from 1st server and unzip it in the 2nd one ?





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Re: FTP transfert


Please use  tFTPFileList instead of tfilelist component which is used to list files in local not FTP server.

Best regards


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Re: FTP transfert

Hello Sabrina.


the ftpget copy from the server 1 to the Talend Server.

Then from local Talend Server  to server 2, so that's why i used the fFileList.

If i can copy the files directly from server1 to server2 using tftpget or tftpput, it will be nice but it seems i can't do it.


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Re: FTP transfert

Here is my job

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Re: FTP transfert


essaye plutôt avec ça ^^



Good luck,


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Re: FTP transfert



Si je prend la valeur ((String)globalMap.get("tFileList_1_CURRENT_FILEPATH")), j'aurai l'arborescence du serveur local Talend qui n'est pas la meme que celle du serveur 1 et 2. :-(

D'où mon problème.


If i use the ((String)globalMap.get("tFileList_1_CURRENT_FILEPATH")) value, i will have the Talend tree which is not the server 1 and 2

That's my problem.

How can i do ?

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Re: FTP transfert



T'es sûr de tes variables de context ? T'as essayé avec des valeurs en dur et non avec des variables ?


Are you sure about your context var ? Dit you try to put the value directly in the component instead of using variable ?


Good luck ,