FTP connection failure and recovery options

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FTP connection failure and recovery options

We are getting infrequent, intermittent errors ("com.jcraft.jsch.JSchException:verify: false"), while trying to either get or put files on an ftp server. 
Looking through the various posts in forums, I tried replacing the jsch.jar with the latest version of jsch(0.1.5) - since we upgraded to java 1.7. That caused the studio to hang when I tried to run the job - basically it did not resolve my issue with intermittent FTP failures.
So, as a work around, I am trying to re-try connecting in a loop a few times before giving up. I use the tLoop (while n < x and tFTP.getErrorMessage() != null) ->(iterate)-> ftpGet ->(on component Error) -> tsleep (for 30 seconds). 
 I set up the credentials wrong in the tFTPGet component to simulate error, further, the Die on Error check box on the tftpget component is unchecked.
What happens now, is, during the first execution of the loop, the ftp component throws an exception then sleeps for 30 seconds and exits.
http://talendexpert.com/talend-the-retry-process-for-ftp/ seems to have a solution but what the java and javaflex components do is unclear.
Would really appreciate it if you could help!
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Re: FTP connection failure and recovery options

any update?
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Re: FTP connection failure and recovery options

Hi Am,
try following
Atsuhiko Yamanaka wrote : It seems JCE included in Java7u6(and later) has suddenly changed its behavior. Please try following version, jcraft.com/jsch/jsch-0.1.50-rc1.zip We have confirmed this version can make 10,000 connections without "verify: false" errors on Java7u15. –  antoine Mar 1 '13 at 2:32 

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