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FTP Slow. Really slow

I'm having some issues with FTP being super slow. As an example, this morning it transfered 112 files amounting to 639K and it took 29 minutes to do it. I've seen some other posts about this but they don't really apply to me. Here is what my job looks like (Attached).

Basically I must get files from one ftp server, store a copy on my file server and send on to another FTP server for processing. Last step is to delete the received file from the server. I pass the filename along from the ftpfile list control all the way through. The directory actively can receive files at any time so I use the list control to pick up only what was there when I started.

Any thoughts or ideas would help.
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Re: FTP Slow. Really slow

Hi Pat,
Whether the FTP accessed through FTP server has similar response? Have you tried any command line tool / ftp client to get files to local folder.
Your flow and the description in the flow is not matching... A logical flow for the job as per your post could be
1) Connect to FTP
2) OnSubJobOk - Get all files from FTP to local folder
3) OnSubJobOk - Verify the proper download of files (get count of files from ftp as well as local server and compare)
4) On Count Ok --- Upload all the files to target FTP Server
5) On Subjob Ok - Verify the proper upload of files (get count of files from ftp as well as local server and compare)
6) On Count Ok - Delete files from FTP Server and Local machine
I think this may help to tweak your design...
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Re: FTP Slow. Really slow

Auto FTP Manager automated FTP software will probably work for you.

Re: FTP Slow. Really slow

What's the build version? Are you using Talend community version or enterprise subscription version?
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