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Extracting Data from Smart Sheet

Hi All,


Please let me know, how to connect with the Smart sheet and to extract the data to any relative data base.


I could not find any options directly to connect with smart sheet.  Also, i have tried with ODBC / JDBC connectivity, its not helpful. Please share your update



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Re: Extracting Data from Smart Sheet

Hi there,


Wasn't aware of SmartSheet before, and there don't appear to be any components in Talend Exchange which will do this.


However, a quick check of their website and I can see they have a RESTful API, plus native libraries including one for Java, so you will be able to do this from Talend.


Details of these can be found here:


If you're comfortable with Java, then the native API would be the best option, but if not, you'll be able to use the tREST component to get your data.






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Re: Extracting Data from Smart Sheet

Thank you, Chris.