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Extract delimited fields from tHttpRequest in order to Map them

I'm trying to use the tFileOutputDelimited "output stream" option to extract delimited fields from a tHttpRequest and to map the result using a tMap component.
I have been reading an example on the following page :
 but I was wondering if there is a way not to create any file into my computer.
In that case, the job would look like :
tHttpRequest (Write response content to file: Unchecked--> tFileOutputDelimited(Use OutputStream: Checked) --> tMap --> tLogRow
I have also been trying to use a tExtractDelimitedFields component instead of using tFileOutputDelimited but without success.
NB : The result displayed into the console using tHttpRequest and tLogRow directly looks like : 
Could you please let me know if there a way not to create a file into my computer using "Write response content to file" option ? 
Thank you in advance for your help.
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Re: Extract delimited fields from tHttpRequest in order to Map them

tHTTPRequest returns a string data, you just need to use tExtractDelimitedFields to extract values from the returned string. Can you upload a screenshot of tExtractDelimitedFields settings?
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