Extract data from MySQL TIS database

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Extract data from MySQL TIS database

Hello all,
I would like to run some SQL queries onto our MySQL TIS database. I need to extract data that cannot be exported directly from Talend Admin Console.
Is there some documentation (schema model, etc.), existing SQL scripts or whatever about this database?
Thanks in advance!
B. Regards,
PS. : TIS 5.4.2, MySQL 5.6.19
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Re: Extract data from MySQL TIS database

no one already play a little bit with this DB? really ?
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Re: Extract data from MySQL TIS database

it depends what you need. I am digging into this database but more for migration or bug fixing.
I guess the most important table is executiontask which sometimes gets corrupted.
This table contains all task and its current state.
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Re: Extract data from MySQL TIS database

Thanks for your reply.
Well, I would like to get data from job on a daily basis, like execution status, duration, etc. To do some job statistics and to be proactive.
I have also execution plans and I would like to extract execution details for some of them.
In other words, some way to extract/export data shown in the Task execution monitoring tab in the TAC.

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