Extract Json fields - multiple Json array

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Extract Json fields - multiple Json array

Hello everybody,


I tried to find a solution for the problem, but my case is quite specific. I extracting data via web API of a wordpress questionnaire (gravity forms plugin). The questionnaire has about 100 questions. I will use these data to create reports (question = columnn; not all of them). When someone submits the filled questionnaire I getting an entry.

The output is a json with all the submitted entries.  Now there's a question inside this questionnaire with several free text fields and one dropdown field (number up to 25). The free text fields are based on the dropdown field. So the user has the possibility to enter several values for each number he choosed in the dropdown. You can see the output in my screenshot (json_Output). I think that makes it easier to understand. We have two times "1" as "Nr. of CP" (dropdown field). Shouldn't be like that. Test data...normally it would be unique(i.e. 1, 2). I will create reports with these data. In one of my reports the answers of the "Non-conformities (NC)" question ( Nr. of CP, Description of NC, Root cause of NC, etc.)  have their own columns.


The structure of my job is :

tRESTclient -> tExtractJSONFields -> tMap -> tlog -> target (and some other stuff between for filtering etc.)


In my second screenshot (tExtractjson_Mapping)  you can see my mapping in tExtractJSONFields. There's also an screenshot for the output in tlog (tlog_Output). As you can see the tlog Output contains only the first part, because of my Jsonquery. Which is fine for this entry (Let's say the entry has a ID i.e 10). What I now want is a copy of this entry with all his filled questions but for question "List of Non-conformities (NC)" with the values of "Nr. of CP" (as I said before in the screenshot we have "1" two times, what is wrong). What doesn't seems to be that easy.

Then there will be two rows in my report with the same ID (10), same results of all the other questions, only the values of the columns "Nr. of CP", "Description of NC", "Root cause of NC", etc. would be different.

Maybe someone knows how to solve this problem. I know a workaround, but that means a lot of work.








Re: Extract Json fields - multiple Json array


What does the extracting data via web API of a wordpress questionnaire look like?

Woud you mind posting your tExtractJSONFields component setting screenshots on forum? Which will be helpful for us to understand your issue.

Best regards


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Re: Extract Json fields - multiple Json array

Hello Sabrina,


thanks for reply. I have added some screenshots of my tExtractjsonfield and the api output for the question "List of Non-conformities (NC)". Here are some new screenshots. The screenshot "How it should look like" shows a minimalist version of the output. If this isn't helpful, what exactly do you need?


best regards,


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