Extract Data from Oracle Db

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Extract Data from Oracle Db

Hi Team


My DB is located at Client Location

I have designed a Talend Job in my local to extract data from sql db to flatfile .lts a direct mapping.

when i started my execution my data transfer rate is 40 rows per sec.

i have data of 10 million records in source,

can you please suggest me how can i increase my data transfer rate.




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Re: Extract Data from Oracle Db


If you have good transfer rate locally, it is probably due to a limited network bandwidth.

The simpler is to export your job as an autonomous job, then transfer it to your client platform and execute it locally on this platform.

You will then have to compress the result (maybe included in the job) and get the archive using a ftp transfer when finished (or push the result to your ftp server automatically from the job).

Hope this helps.