Extract ColumnName and Value from JSON

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Extract ColumnName and Value from JSON



I have a requirement which I am not able to figure the solution for it myself.

Requirement : There is a product table which has following columns

Prod_ID - contains product ID

Prod_Name - Contains product name

Prod_config - Contains additional information about the product features in JSON format (as a sting)

Each product can have one or many features, the information of which is present in Prod_Config in key:value pair in JSON structure. I want to transform this JSON text into table format 


so the the value of Prod_config 



should be transformed and put in separate table like this 



I linked my database input to tExtractJSONFields




From here I can manually configure individual attributes and write appropriate JSON query to extract information from them. But the problem is, the table data is from external source which I have no control on + are you might have noticed in the example one product can have 1 attribute another can have 50 and another can have 100+. I need a dynamic know all the attributes present and transform them into the require table format without manually configuring (something that I have no control of and can change very frequently). There can be new attributes added to products so I should not have to come back and update my JOB each time that happens. Hope I have explained my problem and restriction for solution.


Any help would be highly appreciated. Thank You in Advance.




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Re: Extract ColumnName and Value from JSON


as a variant - use search function :-)

(it more than 1 of course)



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